Incoming Students

Keio SDM welcomes international exchange students seeking to study at Keio SDM from our partner universities and institutions. Students need to be nominated by their home universities to attend our Student Exchange Program for one semester or one academic year beginning in either Spring or Fall Semester.
Please contact the home universities' relevant administrators for nomination procedures.

Apply to be an exchange student

SDM staff will inform the student exchange program coordinators of our partner universities about the Application documents (including eligibility and requirements) and the application deadline.
Application Documents and procedures will be announced to the student exchange program coordinator of our partner universities

Information for international students

Keio University provides support for student life to allinternational students.
Please refer to Housing for university dormitory information.
Please refer to Support for Student Life for visa, Japanese language classes, medical support etc.

Mentor System

Every international student can have a Japanese SDM student as a mentor, who can help every international student settle down in Japan and enjoy equal study environment based on individual needs.

Voices from exchange students

Anna"SDM has a very personal approach towards students."

Annemarijn Jelsma
2009 Exchange Student
From TU Delft, the Netherlands

Anna The diversity of the research topics made each meeting a surprise.

Frank Pijnenborg
2009 Exchange Student
From TU Delft, the Netherlands

Anna "You don't just absorb theory, you conduct research that actually makes a difference."

Derk Busser
2009 Exchange Student
From TU Delft, the Netherlands