Master's Thesis

Past master's thesis topics

Master of System Engineering

  • Study of Carbon Dioxide Reduction by Sharing Battery Set with Photovoltaic System
  • The Carbon Taxation Using LCA for Clean Energy Vehicles
  • A Proposal of Safety Management Systems for Large Chemical Plants
  • ProjectML: Risk Management for Software Development Project using Project Markup Language
  • Injury Protective Control System Design of Occupant Lower Extremities Using Semi-Active Knee Bolster
  • Questionnaire Survey Study on Manufacturing Companies in Relation between Performance and Organizational Climate

Master of System Design and Management

  • System Design of the Symbiosis Community Composed of City and Rural Areas Using the Biomass Energy Technology as the Core Element
  • Estimation on Sustainability for Copper Domestic Supply by Considering Recycling Flow
  • Proposals for Reforming Global Maritime Security Policy and Stabilizing the International Maritime Transport Industry
  • A Motivation Survey of Local Government Officials - Aiming at a Vital Organizational Climate -
  • Motivation of Young Engineers - Comparison between students involved in multiple universities collaboration and young engineers working for a company -
  • Clarification of Value of Social Relations for Subjective Well-Being
  • Research on Strategy to Expand High-Speed Plastic Optical Fiber Home Network into China Market
  • A Study on the Prospects of E-book and the Structural Change towards Printing Industry
  • Business Model Study and Test Plan of Space Orbiter Launched from the Ocean - To Realize a Japanese Unique Manned Space Plane

Doctoral Thesis

Past doctoral thesis topics

Ph.D. in System Engineering

  • Model-Based Design of A Front-Steering Assist Control System for Motorcycles
  • A Study of Technological Management of National Projects Focusing on Value Transmission
  • Research on System Design of Optical Navigation System for Randezvous Docking
  • Integrated Control System Design of Active Stabilizer and Electric Power Steering for Automobile

Ph.D. in System Design and Management

  • Research of the Management and the Evaluation Systems Concerning the Business with Enterprise Currencies (Mileage Points and Electronic Money)
  • A Role of the Citizen to Improve Museums - A proposal of a Framework Supporting a Social System by Internet Utilization -

Doctor of Philosophy

Essays on Gender Differences in Managers' Subjective Outcomes