The Graduate School of System Design and Management of Keio University (Keio SDM) accepts students of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds, from new university graduates to professionals in the private and public sectors.
Keio SDM welcomes international students and offers the following flexible admission processes to provide equal opportunities to international applicants.

  1. Application should be in Japanese or English.
  2. Distance-interviews are available using Skype.
  3. Enrollment can be either in April or September.

Keio SDM can offer financial aid to those who showed excellent academic performance.
Please see Financial Aid.
Keio University offers various services and support for all students and additional support for international students to fully enjoy life in Keio University and Japan. Keio SDM office helps each student fully utilize these services and provides additional individual support for international students.

Master's & Doctoral Program

Application Schedule

Admission Schedule

Application Period I  (for enrollment in September 2016 or April 2017)
Application Period II (for enrollment in April or September 2017)
Application Period III (for enrollment in April or September 2017)

 Application Period IApplication Period IIApplication Period III
Pre-Contact* (Strongly recommended) (Strongly recommended) (Strongly recommended)
Activation of
Web Entry System
Fri., May 20 -
Thu., Jun. 2, 2016
Fri., Sep. 23 -
Fri., Oct. 7, 2016
Mon., Dec. 26, 2016-
Thu., Jan. 19, 2017
Application Period** Fri., May 27 -
Thu., Jun. 2, 2016
Sat., Oct. 1 -
Fri., Oct. 7, 2016
Fri., Jan. 13 -
Thu., Jan. 19, 2017
Announcement of
Results of
1st Screening
1:00 p.m.,
Fri., Jun. 17, 2016
1:00 p.m.,
Fri., Oct. 21, 2016
1:00 p.m.,
Fri., Feb. 3, 2017
2nd Screening*** Sat., Jun. 25, 2016 Sat., Oct. 29, 2016 Sat., Feb. 11, 2017
Announcement of Results of
2nd Screening
1:00 p.m.,
Tue., Jun. 28, 2016
1:00 p.m.,
Tue., Nov. 1, 2016
1:00 p.m.,
Tue., Feb. 14, 2017

* Note 1: Applicants are strongly recommended to contact the Keio SDM professor(s) whom they wish to have serve as research advisor(s), and discuss their intended research in advance. To contact your desired research advisor(s), please enter the necessary information in the "Pre-Contact Form."

Pre-Contact Form

** Note 2: Documents must arrive on or before the deadline date.
 (Documents sent from Japan must be postmarked on or before the deadline date.)

***Note 3: SDM office will notify the schedule of the 2nd screening after the announcement of results of the 1st screening. Applicants cannot choose the date/time of the 2nd screening.


Notes on Admissions Procedures

The periods of Admissions Procedures are as follows: Please ensure that you complete the prescribed procedures by their respective deadlines, as failure to do so will make you ineligible for admission. For details, please refer to the Admission Application Guidelines.

For enrollment in April 2017

Monday, February 27 - Tuesday, March 7, 2017
*Documents submitted from outside Japan must arrive by the deadline. 
*Documents submitted from within Japan must be postmarked no later than the deadline.

For enrollment in September 2017

Thursday, July 20 - Friday, July 28, 2017 
*Documents submitted from outside Japan must arrive by the deadline. 
*Documents submitted from within Japan must be postmarked no later than the deadline.