Supervising Professors

MAENO, Takashi Professor
Research and education interests: Human-machine system design, social system design, systems thinking, and systems philosophy
IOKI, Makoto Associate Professor
Worked: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan Space Systems Research and education interests: Systems engineering, Satellite system and Fault tolerant space system design. Space related business enhancement and International cooperation in space industry.
OGI, Tetsuro Professor
Research and education interests: Human interface, virtual reality, visual data mining tele-immersive communication, and visual simulation
KOHTAKE, Naohiko Professor
Research and education interests: Design and management for space systems and ubiquitous systems, systems engineering, and computer science
SHIRASAKA, Seiko Professor
Research and education interests: Space systems engineering, system development methodology, and system safety
TAKANO, Kenichi Professor
Research and education interests: Risk management and human factors in large scale technology systems
TANIGUCHI, Tomohiko Professor
Areas of expertise: Diplomacy, international relations, international politics and economics, media
TANIGUCHI, Naoko Associate Professor
Research and education interests: Political Science, Political Behavior, Political Methodology, Political and social system making society better.
TOMA, Tetsuya Professor
Research and education interests: Program/project management and communication design for communities such as medical/health care, education or local resource utilization
NAKANO, Masaru Professor
Research and education interests: Business engineering, sustainable manufacturing, smart city and urban mobility system, and global and green supply chain
NISHIMURA, Hidekazu Professor
Research and education interests: Safety control systems design for mobility and products, model-driven systems development, and system dynamics
HARUYAMA, Shinichiro Professor
Research and education interests: Total design of information and communication systems for ubiquitous society and entrepreneurship

Guest/Project Professors & Lecturers

OHKAMI, Yoshiaki Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute / Lecturer
Areas of expertise: Design and management of large scale space system, strategic systems engineering
HIBIYA, Taketoshi Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute / Lecturer
Areas of expertise: Large scale systems engineering (basic science)
YOSHIDA, Atsuo Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Areas of expertise: Structuring of programs for "management support, business startups, business rehabilitation and business succession" based on financial accounting strategy, etc.
ANANTATMULA, Vittal Guest Professor(Global)
Vittal Anantatmula is Professor and Director of project management programs at Western Carolina University, USA. Research Interests: project management teams, risk management, knowledge management effectiveness, project management maturity, and leadership.
BOSCH, Ockie Distinguished Guest Professor
Professor, Systems Design & Complexity Management, the University of Adelaide He specializes in the area of systems dedicated to sustainable development and elaborates information systems, mechanisms for knowledge dissemination, collaborative learning and processes for linking science with management and policy making.
HAYASHI, Mikako Project Professor
Areas of expertise: Community building, Symbiosis of rural and urban, Food and agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Green tourism
YASUI, Toshiyuki Guest Professor
Areas of expertise: Public policy systems, Socio-critical systems, particularly Systems of Finance, and Currency, financial intelligence, and competitive intelligence
YONEZAWA, Soichi Guest Professor
YANO, Hajime Guest Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Solar space experiment science, Space environment science
TOMARU, Takayuki Project Associate Professor
Takayuki Tomaru holds a Ph.D of Systems Engineering from Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM) at Keio University. He managed the business and product development in Fuji Xerox before joining to Keio SDM. He contributed to the business development and the product planning project under Porf. Kosuke Ishii who was the director at Stanford University Manufacturing Modeling Laboratory (MML).
He now handles Global Product Value Creation Research Laboratory at Keio SDM.
Areas of expertise: the new businesses development and Supplier quality assessment.
TOMITA Yoshikazu Lecturer
MATSUZAKI, Hisazumi Lecturer
Areas of expertise: Japanese style production systems, Human resource development, etc.
ISHIBASHI, Kanenori Project Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise: Systems engineering, Model-based development, and Innovation strategy and management
MOORE, Duncan Distinguished Guest Professor (Global)
Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship

Visiting Professors

Prof. Olivier L. de WECK
  • Design Project
Prof. Kurt A. BEITER
Stanford University, US
  • Design Project
Prof. Rashmi JAIN
Stevens Institute of Technology, US
  • System Architecture and Design
  • System Integration
an independent project coach, The Netherland
  • Predictable Projects - Delivering the Right Result at the Right Time
Managing Director, Project Performance International, Australia
  • Requirements Engineering
Prof. Gilles MOTET
INSA Toulouse, France
  • Industrial Safety Engineering
Prof. Laurent BALMELLI
Watson Laboratory, IBM; Special Guest Professor, Keio University
  • Model-Based System Development
Prof. Dr. Frank SCHWEITZER
Chair of Systems Design Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
  • Collective Dynamics of Firms
Professor for Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
  • Business Games - Supply Chain Management in a Nut Shell