Masaru NAKANO, Ph.D. Professor, Graduate School of SDM, Keio University

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After obtaining a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1980, Masaru Nakano joined Toyota Central R&D Laboratories (1980-2008) and served as principal researcher before joining this graduate school in April 2008. Meantime, he obtained a Ph.D. in Production System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology in 1997 and then served as a lecturer at Nagoya Institute of Technology (1997-1999).

Research Interests

  • Lean and systems engineering
  • Holistic methodology for business innovation
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Sustainable city design
  • Energy security
  • Global supply chain management
  • Marketing and consumer research
  • Flying Car

Major Publications

  • Jun Osawa and Masaru Nakano, "A Model of the Economic Ripple Effect Caused by the Spread of Clean Energy Vehicles", Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Series C, Vol.81, No.823, pp.1-15, 2015
  • Masaru Nakano, "Supply Chain Management for Sustainability", eds.: Lee, K.M., Kauffman, J., Handbook of Sustainable Engineering, Springer, pp 427-450, May, 2013
  • Takayuki Tomaru, Masaru Nakano and Hidekazu Nishimura, "Supplier quality assessment to identify depth technical knowledge of component reliability", International Journal of Production Planning and Control, Vol. 24, Issue 1, pp. 128-140, 2013
  • Atsushi Yoshinaga, Tomomi Nonaka, Masaru Nakano, "Simulation of urban redevelopment for sustainable urban infrastructure in consideration of disaster prevention of crowded city blocks of wooden dwellings", 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering (APCOSE), Yokohama Japan, 2013 September
  • Masaru Nakano, Nobuaki Minato, "Systems Approach for Business Engineering", Kodansha, 1-218, 2012
  • Yudha Prambudia, Masaru Nakano, "Integrated Simulation Model for Energy Security Evaluation", Energies 2012, Vol. 5, pp.5086-5110, 2012
  • Masaru Nakano, Shigetoshi Noritake, and Toshio Ohashi, "A Lifecycle Simulation Framework for Production Systems", Lean Business Systems and Beyond, Springer Boston, pp.327-335, 2008
  • Shuichi Sato,Yutaka Inamori、Masaru Nakano, Toshiyuki Suzuki,Nobuaki Miyajima, "Analysis Method for Overseas Production Preparation Process", Journal of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering (JSME), Vo.71, No.705, pp.322-329, 2005
  • Masaru Nakano, Fumiko Kubota, Shuichi Sato, Cristoph Roser and Mituhiro Araki, "Holistic Methodology for Business Process Reengineering", The 1st Conference on Changeable, Agile Reconfigurable and Virtual Production (CARV), pp.441-445, 2005
  • Masaru Nakano, Katsuhisa Ohno, "An Integrated Analytical/Simulation Approach for Economic Design of an AGV System", Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan, Vol.43, No.3, pp.382-395, 2000


  • Best Paper Award, International Symposium on Flexible Automation, 'Framework and Tool for Visualizing and Analyzing Vague Processes during Process Reengineering,' 2006
  • Best Paper Award, The 1st Conference on Changeable, Agile Reconfigurable and Virtual Production (CARV2005), 'Holistic Methodology for Business Process Reengineering,' 2005
  • Best Paper Award: International Symposium on Scheduling 2002," Single Simulation Confidence Intervals Using the Delta Method"

Academic Affiliations

  • Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER)
  • Japan Industrial Management Association (JIMA)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)
  • Scheduling Society of Japan (SSJ)
  • The Operations Research Society of Japan
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
  • The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan
  • International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) WG5.7 APMS (Advances in Production Management Systems) (since 2005)
  • Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Automation Technology (IJAT)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing (Manufacturing System Division)

Research Group

  • Business Engineering Systems Laboratory
  • Advanced City Design Laboratory
  • Global Product Value Creation Research Laboratory
  • Management Design Center
  • Flying Car Research Laboratory