Yoshiki YAMAGATA, Ph.D. Professor, Graduate School of SDM, Keio University

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Graduated from the University of Tokyo (PhD in System Science). He worked at the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES). He is afflicted as visiting scholars at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA, Vienna) and Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM, Tokyo) and University of Tokyo. He has served as Lead authors for IPCC.

Research Interests

Aiming to co-create a future society which address the issues of "environment" and "health", we will develop a new urban system design framework that integrates architecture, transportation, and human behavior in cities. Research topics include:

  • Sustainable future societies
  • Urban resilience
  • Zero carbon cities
  • Bigdata and AI


  • Sustainable Urban Systems 1 (Japanese)
  • Sustainable Urban Systems 2 (English)
  • Studios for Urban Systems Design (English/Japanese)

Major Publications

  • Yamagata Y., Yang P. (2020) Urban Systems Design: Creating Sustainable Smart Cities in the Internet of Things Era. Elsevier
  • Yamagata Y., Seya H. (2019) Spatial analysis using big data: Methods and urban applications. Academic Press.
  • Yamagata Y., Sharifi A. (2018) Resilience-Oriented Urban Planning: Theoretical and Empirical Insights. Springer
  • Yamagata Y., Maruyama H. (2016) Urban Resilience - A Transformative Approach. Springer

Journal Papers

  • T Kobashi, P Jittrapirom, T Yoshida, Y Hirano, Y Yamagata: SolarEV City concept: building the next urban power and mobility systems, Environmental Research Letters 16 (2), 024042, 2021
  • P Jittrapirom, T Kobashi, T Yoshida, Y Hirano, Y Yamagata: SolarEV City concept: building the next urban power and mobility systems, 2021
  • S Chang, D Castro-Lacouture, Y Yamagata: Estimating Building Electricity Performance Gaps with Internet of Things Data Using Bayesian Multilevel Additive Modeling, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 146 (12), 05020017, 2020
  • H Bagan, A Millington, W Takeuchi, Y Yamagata: Spatiotemporal analysis of deforestation in the Chapare region of Bolivia using LANDSAT images, Land Degradation & Development 31 (18), 3024-3039, 2020
  • S Chang, T Yoshida, RB Binder, Y Yamagata, D Castro-Lacouture: Energy sharing boundaries integrating buildings and vehicles tangled in spatial and temporal changes, Construction Research Congress 2020: Infrastructure Systems and ..., 2020
  • S Chang, D Castro-Lacouture, Y Yamagata: Decision support for retrofitting building envelopes using multi-objective optimization under uncertainties, Journal of Building Engineering 32, 101413, 2020
  • T Yokohata, T Kinoshita, G Sakurai, Y Pokhrel, A Ito, M Okada, Y Satoh, ...: MIROC-INTEG-LAND version 1: a global biogeochemical land surface model with human water management, crop growth, and land-use change, Geoscientific Model Development 13 (10), 4713-4747, 2020
  • T Kobashi, T Yoshida, Y Yamagata, K Naito, S Pfenninger, K Say, ..., On the potential of "Photovoltaics+ Electric vehicles" for deep decarbonization of Kyoto's power systems: Techno-economic-social considerations, Applied Energy 275, 115419, 2020
  • F Creutzig, X Bai, R Khosla, V Viguie, Y Yamagata: Systematizing and upscaling urban climate change mitigation, Environmental Research Letters 15 (10), 100202, 2020
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  • T Kobashi, K Say, J Wang, M Yarime, D Wang, T Yoshida, Y Yamagata, Techno-economic assessment of photovoltaics plus electric vehicles towards household-sector decarbonization in Kyoto and Shenzhen by the year 2030, Journal of Cleaner Production 253, 119933, 2020
  • D Murakami, GW Peters, T Matsui, Y Yamagata: Spatiotemporal analysis of urban heatwaves using Tukey g-and-h random field models, arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.00852, 2020
  • P Jittrapirom, Y Yamagata, T Yoshida, S Chang, S Coleman, J Robinson: Case studies toward smart communities, Japan: Elsevier, 2020
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  • T Yoshida, Y Yamagata: Change of CO2 Emissions in Tokyo under The COVID-19 Situation: Urban Carbon Mapping Approach, 2020
  • Y Yamagata, T Yoshida: Urban Carbon Mapping of Roads under The COVID-19 Situation: The Case of Tokyo 23 Wards, 2020
  • S Chang, PPJ Yang, Y Yamagata, MB Tobey: Modeling and design of smart buildings, Urban Systems Design, 59-86, 2020
  • T Yoshida, Y Yamagata, S Chang, V de Gooyert, H Seya, D Murakami, ...: Spatial modeling and design of smart communities, Urban Systems Design, 199-255, 2020

Academic Affiliations

  • Environmental Planning B : Urban Analytics and City Science

Research Groups

  • Sustainable Smart City Laboratory (SSC-Lab)
  • Flying Car Research Laboratory