SDM is an exciting place where the daily growth of both faculty members and students is palpable.
――Associate Prof. Makoto IOKI

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Research can’t end when you complete your degree—it needs to be taken out and applied in the real world.

――Prof. Tetsuro OGI

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The essence of learning at SDM is gaining a big-picture perspective without losing sight of the details.
――Prof. Hidekazu NISHIMURA

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At SDM, it's not about reaching predetermined goals. It's about transcending them.

――Prof. Seiko SHIRASAKA

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I have a dream—to make the world a happy and peaceful place through the power of SDM.

――Prof. Takashi MAENO

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We're aiming for true globalization to tackle issues that are currently ten years out.
――Prof. Tetsuya Toma

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SDM is where unique methodology and diversity trigger innovation.
――Prof. Naohiko KOHTAKE

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Keio SDM really welcomes people who are looking for a challenge, no matter where they're from in the world.
――Naomi Simumba

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Prof. Yoshiki YAMAGATA

SDM Working with Many of Today’s Corporate Leaders.
――Prof. Yoshiki YAMAGATA

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Associate Prof. Masahiro NIITSUMA

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: SDM Philosophy Continues to Inspire.
――Associate Prof. Masahiro NIITSUMA

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Dr. Prafull Kasture

If engineering is a desert, then SDM is an oasis of expertise for problem-solving.
――Dr. Prafull Kasture

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Dr. Steven Urueta

I want to use technologies like AR/VR to complement rather than replace classroom instruction.
――Dr. Steven Urueta

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