Research Topics

Here are some examples of research conducted in the Graduate School of System Design and Management.

Research to introduce a telemedicine system in rural villages in developing countries

Proposed three-layered remote medical serviceProfessor Tetsuro Ogi and Associate Professor Tetsuya Toma in the Communication Design Laboratory are trying to introduce a telemedicine system in rural villages in developing countries. They are collaborating with the Medical College of Jhansi in India (Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh) and MphRx (My Personal Health Record Express, Delhi) for providing remote rural medical service via Internet to hospitals and clinics in areas such as Jhansi City and Rajnagar Villages.

Medical College Jhansi

Research on location service using space satellites

Associate Professor Naohiko Kohtake is collaborating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on performance improvement of positioning technology using quasi-zenith satellite "Michibiki" and GPS as well as building a compound location sensing platform for indoor and outdoor seamless positioning system integrated with an indoor positioning system. Furthermore, Tokyu Corporation is equipping its shopping center in Futakotamagawa with indoor censors to experiment with indoor and outdoor seamless positioning technology as an experiment in smart city technology.

Research on voice navigation system for the visually impaired

Professor Shinichiro Haruyama is developing audio-based guidance services for the visually impaired by applying visible light communications. The system uses indoor location information sent from LED lighting fixtures and received by smartphones to determine the position and attitude of the user and provide audio guidance. Four people who are visually impaired or blind participated in the public feasibility experiment held at the Ageless Center in Osaka in February 2012; a comment was made that the headphones made it easy to understand the directions.

Applied research into use of highly-immersive spatial imaging technology

Professor Tetsuro Ogi is engaged in research on highly-immersive spatial video expression technology in the dome environment. He oversaw the video effects for "Encounter with Earth", an animated feature produced especially for domes, which began a run at the planetarium of the National Museum of the Emerging Science and Innovation on December 7, 2011. He will continue applied research into how highly-immersive spatial imaging can be used in education.

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