Life after SDM

Life after SDM

Career Opportunities

SDM, with its strong relationships in various industries, functions as a gateway to Japanese companies for its graduates. The need for employees who can successfully design and manage international large-scale complex systems is growing in every field throughout the world. SDM's curriculum that is designed to foster leaders and managers using the common system approaches is highly recognized. Mid-career SDM graduates with engineering and social science backgrounds are especially in demand. Graduates usually have several interesting offers to choose from.

Active Leaders in Various Fields - Mid-career Graduates

SDM graduates with previous work experience in engineering are offered positions such as senior product manager, system architect, and director of hardware or software engineering in various planning, design, and manufacturing projects. Those with a social science background are hired as senior managers or directors in service industries, senior consultants in consulting firms and managers of corporate strategic planning. Others work as corporate officers, civil servants, NPO/NGO workers, and specialists utilizing their special knowledge and skills in academic and legal fields.

Promising Future Leaders - Young Graduates

Young graduates may not have previous experience in the workplace but they have accumulated a substantial amount of team and project experience at SDM in the course of their studies. They are prepared to take on the important roles mentioned above relatively shortly after joining the company. Other young graduates take different paths; they become entrepreneurs, continue into the PhD. program, or become researchers focused on systems engineering methodologies.

Globally Active Players

SDM graduates are sought after in many global industries; they've been hired in the public sector, trading companies, and think tanks, where system thinking and comprehensive views are required of every employee. Telecom, IT, transportation, logistics, energy, manufacturing, service, and financial industries also recruit; they all value the global sense and cross-cultural competence that our graduates have acquired in SDM's international environment. Moreover, SDM graduates tell us that their personal network of key players in various fields, nurtured at SDM, helps to create new business opportunities.