Application Documents

Application documents can be downloaded here:

*Those who apply for the Doctoral Program must submit a research plan.  Please refer to the sample of the research plan document in the above list.

  • Asia Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (PDF) (Master's program only) ...Download the application form here.

For Applicants submitting applications from outside Japan:

* If you do not have a credit card, please pay via a Yen-denominated International Postal Money Order.

For Applicants submitting applications from within Japan:

Application Documents for Preliminary Entrance Qualification Review

Enrollment Documents

All successful applicants shall receive the following necessary documents for enrollment in the mail. Please submit documents below.

  • Admission Procedures Form
  • Certificate of Remittance (of Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, etc.) for installment and non-installment
  • Written Oath
  • Proof of Residence (for Applicant and Guarantor)
  • Student's Photograph Mount
  • Certificate of Graduation (Completion) and Academic Transcript (for an applicant who has not yet graduated from a university or has not yet completed a Master's degree course at the time of application)

Application procedures for the Certificate of Eligibility and student visa

Successful international applicants shall receive detailed instructions on the application procedures for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and student visa by e-mail. If you need to obtain a student visa for entering Japan, please submit the completed application for COE and other necessary documents. Keio University will make the application for the COE on behalf of you at the Immigration Bureau and will inform you of the results later on. After obtaining the COE, please go to the Japanese consulate/embassy in your country to apply for a student visa.