Feature Classes (Design Project, SDM Special Lecture)

Design Project

Design Project, which was called "ALPS"(Active Learning Project Sequence) projects until 2011, provides recommendations on the design of innovative products, services and other systems using system design and management approaches developed in collaboration among Keio University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University in the USA, and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands.

We examine products and services related to a project, define the problems, learn the requirements of the interested parties, set system requirements, design concepts, propose architecture, repeatedly test and prototype, and then verify our recommendations. Design Project participants gain real-life experience in the design of totally new business models and innovative systems.

For details, see the Design Project page.

SDM Special Lecture

学生The "System Design Management (SDM) Special Lecture" (2 credits) is included in the curriculum as one of major subjects for the concentration. Students are strongly encouraged to register for it.

For the "SDM Special Lecture," we invite leading authorities from around the world to lecture on their perspectives on "system of systems." It is one of the most important lecture classes in the Keio SDM. This is the first graduate school in Japan to have been established specifically to study massive, complex, high-tech systems of today's society. More than just book learning and everyday experiences are needed to tackle this subject. There is much to be learned from the insights of those who are in the forefront of contemporary society, actually creating, and sometimes failing to create, massive systems.
In this series, we bring these authorities to campus and provide students with an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas with them. It is not just a "lecture series" from big names. Rather, it is an opportunity for personal interaction and for students to absorb insights and motivations of those trailblazers.
Students who register for the course must attend all of the lectures. The class can also be audited by unregistered students upon application.

Examples of special lectures by leaders in their fields:

Intensive Lectures

Keio SDM invites leading expertise in various areas as lectures in addition to regular lectures. These intensive lectures are either offered as official subjects or special lectures between the regular lecture schedules.