SDM video-records many of its classes for distance learning purposes and for its archives. Students registered for a class can view lectures over the Internet from their homes or other remote locations.

e-learning allows students to take classes and earn credits by viewing class videos over the Internet. Students who have a strong desire to register for a class but have difficulty attending the actual classes may submit an application for e-learning registration. Class videos are uploaded to the e-learning system approximately one week after the course begins in the classroom. The system is available only to registered students. Note that even though you have registered for e-learning, there may be times in which you are required to attend or complete other assignments, for example, laboratory periods or classes that cannot be videoed. Classes may also have supplementary lectures, discussions, or other required activities that cannot be accomplished through e-learning. Check with the course instructor for details.
A maximum of approximately 10 credits can be earned with e-learning.

Students are not allowed to register for both classroom lectures and e-learning for the same subject.