Supervising Professors

SHIRASAKA, Seiko Dean and Professor
Research and education interests: Space systems engineering, system development methodology, and system safety
IOKI, Makoto Associate Professor
Worked: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan Space Systems Research and education interests: Systems engineering, Satellite system and Fault tolerant space system design. Space related business enhancement and International cooperation in space industry.
INOKUMA, Hiroko Professor
Worked: Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC., Tohoku University - Graduate School of Economics and Management(Accounting School), Musashi University - School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of London (LSE) Parallel Degree Programme
Research and education interests:
International Accounting, Financial and Business Accounting, Auditing, Tax Accounting, Economic System Design
OGI, Tetsuro Professor
Research and education interests: Human interface, virtual reality, visual data mining tele-immersive communication, and visual simulation
KOHTAKE, Naohiko Professor
Research and education interests: Design and management for space systems and ubiquitous systems, systems engineering, and computer science
TOMA, Tetsuya Professor
Research and education interests: Program/project management and communication design for communities such as medical/health care, education or local resource utilization
NIITSUMA, Masahiro Associate Professor
Worked: Ritsumeikan University, Aomori University, and Das Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Research and education interests: Artificial intelligence, Bach studies, and Bodily tendency (cyclic aspects of human personalities based on habitual patterns of bodily movements).
NISHIMURA, Hidekazu Professor
Research and education interests: Safety control systems design for mobility and products, model-driven systems development, and system dynamics
MAENO, Takashi Professor
Research and education interests: Human-machine system design, social system design, systems thinking, and systems philosophy
YAKOH, Takahiro Professor
Worked: NKK Corp., Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University, The University of Tokyo, Vienna University of Technology, Shinshu University
Research and education interests: Coding theory, Computer network, Human-computer interaction, Signal processing, Machine learning, and Digital transformation

YAMAGATA, Yoshiki Professor
Research and education interests: Develop Urban System Design framework to co-create cities achieving "environment" and "health" sustainability for architecture, transportation and human behavior systems.

Guest Professor

ANANTATMULA, Vittal Guest Professor (Global)
Vittal Anantatmula is Professor and Director of project management programs at Western Carolina University, USA. Research Interests: project management teams, risk management, knowledge management effectiveness, project management maturity, and leadership.
BALMELLI, Laurent Guest Professor (Global)
He is a former manager at IBM in charge of architecting the new gen-eration of offerings and tools for Systems Engineering and Product Development. Since 2003, He has represented IBM within the SysML standard team and is one of the lead authors of the SysML language specification.
CHANG, Soowon Guest Lecturer (Global)
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Her research revolves around paradigm shifts in human-urban-building interactions with intelligent application of disruptive technologies in the future smart cities for sustainability, economic growth, health, and overall quality of life. In addition, she endeavors to advance technology readiness in the architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) industry, and forge a new path of transforming the AEC field with data-driven and human-centered technologies and analytics.
ESMAILZADEH, Riaz Guest Professor (Global)
Professor Riaz Esmailzadeh is an ICT professional for over 35 years, working with many companies including Apple, Ericsson, and Hitachi. A prolific innovator: he has more than 26 patents, and an author of three books and more than 50 peer reviewed articles on broadband telecommunications, and digital transformation. He advises CxO level executives on how to take advantage of information technology.
FOURIE, Pieter Guest Associate Professor
Senior research consultant with Urban Research and Planning
He specialises in population synthesis, simulation modelling of current and emerging modes of transportation, flood evacuation modelling, and big data-driven transportation planning.
JAIN, Rashmi Guest Professor
Professor, Montrclair State University
Her areas of expertise are systems engineering and integration, service operations management, and sys-tems architecture and design. She has extensive experience of teach-ing graduate students and senior executives both in the U.S. and over-seas at businesses and institutions.
LAVALLEE, David Guest Professor (Global)
Professor of Duty of Care in Sport in the School of Applied Sciences, Abertay University Areas of expertise: Design and Management of Solutions to Help Protect the Positive Impact of Sport.
LEELAWAT, Natt Guest Associate Professor (Global)
He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He is a Head of the Disaster and Risk Management Information Systems Research Unit of Chulalongkorn University, a Senior Member of IEEE, and an MBCI of the Business Continuity Institute. His areas of expertise include risk and disaster management, management information systems, and business continuity management.
HAMAGUCHI, Hideshi Guest Professor
Founder and CEO, monogoto, inc.
Executive fellow, ziba design, inc.
Jury member of Red Dot Design Award
Areas of expertise: Business design
YASUI, Toshiyuki Guest Professor
Areas of expertise: Public policy systems, Socio-critical systems, particularly Systems of Finance, and Currency, financial intelligence, and competitive intelligence
YANO, Hajime Guest Associate Professor
Yano is an Assistant Professor of Department of Interdisciplinary Space Science, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, as well as a Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At SDM, Yano has created and been in charge of the "Frontier Project Management" lecture series since 2010. Specializing in solar system exploration science and astrobiology, he is an Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), a Council member and the Chair of the Science Commission-B (Solar System Sciences) in the Committee of Space Research (COSPAR).
YONEZAWA, Soichi Guest Professor
Graduate School of SDM, Keio University
Guest Professor of Kirirom Institute of Technology

Executive Advisor of SDM

OHKAMI, Yoshiaki Honorary Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Areas of expertise: Design and management of large scale space system, strategic systems engineering
TAKANO, Kenichi Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Former professor of SDM
Areas of expertise: Risk management of large and complex system as in nuclear power plants and chemical production plants
NAKANO, Masaru Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Former professor of SDM
Areas of expertise:urban air mobility, sustainable city, sustainable manufacturing, and business games
HAYASHI, Mikako Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Areas of expertise: Community building, Symbiosis of rural and urban, Food and agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Green tourism
HARUYAMA, Shinichiro Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Former Professor of SDM
Areas of expertise: free-space optical communication,architectural ICT technology, and reconfigurable systems.
CEO of Craft Brain LLC.
HIBIYA, Taketoshi Honorary Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Areas of expertise: Large scale systems engineering (basic science)
YOSHIDA, Atsuo Executive Advisor of SDM Research Institute
Areas of expertise: Structuring of programs for "management support, business startups, business rehabilitation and business succession" based on financial accounting strategy, etc.