Yoshiaki OHKAMI

Yoshiaki OHKAMI, Ph.D. Former Dean and Professor, Graduate School of SDM,
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Honorary Advisor of SDM Research Institute/ Lecturer,
Former Executive Research Inspector at National Space Development Agency


The SDM is a trans-disciplinary melting pot providing innovative solutions for social-critical and technical issues.


In 1968, he obtained Ph. D. (Dr. Engineering) from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Control Systems Engineering, and joined National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan as research engineer on spacecraft attitude control and large space systems (1968-1992). During the period of 1972-1974, he worked at UCLA as visiting researcher and NASA International Fellow for Marshal Space Flight Center, in 1985-1986 Deputy Director for Space Station Program Office at Science and Technology Agency for Phase-B study of the International Space Station Program. He was invited to by Tokyo Institute of Technology to establish a new graduate school of Space Mechanical Systems and served as a professor during the period of 1992-1999, and awarded Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT). In addition, he was invited by National Space Development Agency (now JAXA) to manage the overall R& D activities of the Tsukuba Research Center from 1999 to 2006. At the same time in 2000, he was invited as a full professor, Department of System Design Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University to augment the higher education programs in system design and engineering. He was the Dean of Graduate School of Systems Design and Management, Keio University from April 2008 to March 2011, and retired in March 2011. He took the initiatives in establishing this new graduate school that started in April, 2008.

Research Interests

  • Design and management of large scale space system
  • Dynamics and control of large complex mechanical systems
  • Space and field robotics
  • Distributed control with networking and embedded computers
  • Strategic systems engineering

Members and Awards

Prof. Ohkami is a Fellow of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Council of Systems Engineering. He is a member of the IEEE, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences and The Robotics Society of Japan. Since 2002, he has contributed to INCOSE as a member and played a key role in establishing the Japan Chapter (IJC) as the first President of the IJC. In February 2010 he was certified as one of first Expert Systems Engineering Professionals of INCOSE.

He has been awarded Academic Prizes from JSME SICE, and the John Breakwell Memorial Lecture prize from the IAF Astrodynamics Committee.

Major Publications

  • S. Taniwaki, Y. Ohkami, Y. Hatsutori and Katsuhiko Izawa: Lower Frequency Disturbance Analysis of Reaction Wheel with Air-floating Detector and Numerical Simulation, AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 2005
  • S. Taniwaki, M. Kudo, M. Sato, Y. Ohkami: Disturbance Analysis Induced by Dynamic Behavior of Ball-Bearing retainers for ACS Reaction Wheels, Transaction of JAME, 2005
  • Y. Kojima,S. Taniwaki, ,Y. Ohkami: Evaluation of Attitude Fluctuations Caused by Stick-slip Motion of Tension Structures, Transaction of JAME, 2005
  • S. Taniwaki, T. Miyano, Y. Ohkami: Hybrid Navigation Filtering for Autonomous Robots, Transaction of SICE, 2005
  • Kojima Yasushi, S. Taniwaki and Y. Ohkami, "Attitude vibration caused by stick slip motion for flexible solar array of Advanced Earth Observation Satellite," Journal of Vibration and Control, 10, pp.1-8, 2004
  • Y. Kondo, Y. Ohkami, S. Taniwaki: Earth Surface Tracking Characteristics of Remote Sensing Satellites, Transaction of JSASS, 52-600, pp23-29, 2004
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  • Yasushi Kojima, S. Taniwaki, Y. Ohkami: Attitude Vibration Caused by a Stick-Slip Motion for Flexible Solar Array of Advanced Earth Observation Satellite, Journal of Vibration and Control, Vol.10 , pp.1459-1472, 2004
  • S. Taniwaki, ,Y. Ohkami: Gyroless Filtering Methods for Spacecraft Attitude Estimation Using Flywheel Angular Rate, Trans. SICE, Vol.39, No.1, pp43-50, 2003
  • S. Taniwaki, I. Kawano, Y. Ohkami: Analysis of Free Attitude Motions for ETS-VII, Transaction of JSASS, 51-90, pp119-125, 2003

Research Groups