The System Design and Management Research Institute ("SDM Research Institute" hereinafter) was established at the same time as the Graduate School of System Design and Management in 2008. Our purpose is to return to the general public the results of advanced, practical research and education so as to improve the understanding of system design and management in companies and other organizations and enhance their management capabilities.

The Institute's staff works in coordination with industry, government and academia under the founding principles of security, safety and symbiosis, and engages in proactive research and education, taking a leading role in the rebuilding of social and technology systems based on global symbiosis and coexistence with different cultures and peoples.

Research at the SDM Research Institute is organized around laboratories (centers) that consist of faculty staff, students, university researchers and outside researchers etc. involved in the same domain.
At the SDM Research Institute, it is possible to be involved in the joint activities that bring together people from industry, government, NPOs, research institutes and other organizations. (Please consult with us about your ideas.)

For details, see the Labs/Centers page.