The Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM) provides an overarching, transdisciplinary approach to research and education. Here we look for solutions to increasingly larger, more complex issues that traditional academic disciplines are ill-equipped to tackle alone.

SDM Voice delves into the lives and research of our current students, graduates, and faculty to find out what SDM means to them.

The interviews here put a familiar face to SDM’s less clear-cut and methodologically-driven approach to education and research.

SDM Voice Interviewer & Editor in Chief
Associate Prof. Naohiko KOHTAKE

Prof. Shinichiro Haruyama

Prof. Shinichiro Haruyama brings over a decade of American academic and work experience to the classroom, honing pragmatic research that listens to clients and benefits society. We sat down with Prof. Haruyama to hear his take on proposing practical solutions and inventions in a variety of fields and disciplines beyond academia.


Associate Prof. Naoko TANIGUCHI

Prof. Taniguchi is a political scientist who specializes in political behavior and the political process. At SDM, she has expanded her research beyond politics into research and methodologies that examine people's psychology and behavior in a broader sense. We sat down with Prof. Taniguchi, who joined SDM in April 2016, to ask about her impressions and expectations of education and research at the graduate school.


Associate Prof. Makoto IOKI

Since joining SDM in April 2014, Associate Professor Makoto Ioki has headed SDM's Design Project, a core part of the graduate curriculum. We sat down with Professor Ioki to talk about his research and what separates SDM from conventional graduate schools that hone professional expertise in a highly specialized field.


Prof. Tomohiko TANIGUCHI

Professor Tomohiko TANIGUCHI leads the laboratory for international political economy and is a prominent lecturer in the field. He currently holds the position of Special Adviser to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), where he is responsible for Japan's international strategic communications. For our inaugural SDM Voice interview, we sat down with Prof. Taniguchi to see what makes SDM unique and what kind of students it attracts.