慶應SDM開設10年記念公開講座 Keio SDM 2008-2028: Quo Vadis?

タイトル Keio SDM 2008-2028: Quo Vadis?
講演概要 Starting in 2004 I had the privilege of beginning discussions about the creation of the new Keio University System Design and Management (SDM) program with Prof. Yoshiaki Ohkami, Prof. Kos Ishii and a growing network of colleagues in Japan and around the world. This became a reality in 2008 with the 150th Anniversary of the university and the formal launch of Keio SDM. I have been deeply honored to contribute to the program with some strategic ideas, advising and hosting of students as well as all co-teaching the Active Learning Project Sequence (ALPS) from 2008 to 2013 [1]. In this lecture I will share my recollections about the creation story of Keio SDM, some of the highlights during the last 10 years from my perspective and also give my view of what are the critical research topics and educational thrusts needed in the next 10 years. These include deeper and more participatory modeling of socio-technical systems through online crowdsourcing, agent-based-modeling, multi-dimensional modeling and simulation, gaming methods and also the use of distributed sensor networks on Earth and in Space. The need to co-design technology, systems and regulations at the societal level will be paramount for Japan to continue to thrive in a world of aging population, economic hyper-competition, volatile international relations and increasing evidence of potentially cataclysmic changes in the Earth’s climate. I am optimistic that Keio SDM will be able to tackle these changes, but this is not time to rest on the successes of the last 10 years, but to look to the future with renewed energy, focus and confidence. Reference [1] - Haruyama S., Kim S.K., Beiter K.A., Dijkema G.P.J, de Weck O.L., “A new project-based curriculum of design thinking with systems engineering techniques”, International Journal of Systems of Systems Engineering, 4(2), 162-173, 2013
ゲストスピーカー Prof. Olicier L. de Weck
ゲストスピーカー プロフィール Senior Vice President, Technology Planning and Roadmapping, Airbus Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems, MIT Fellow INCOSE and CESAM, Associate Fellow AIAA
Editor-in-Chief, Systems Engineering
モデレータ SDM研究科教授
中野 冠
日時 2018年6月22日(金)19:00~20:30(18:30受付開始)
開催場所 〒223-8526 神奈川県横浜市港北区日吉4-1-1
慶應義塾大学日吉キャンパス 独立館DB201教室
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