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コミュニティー(とくに医療・教育・地域)のための コミュニケーションデザインと、プログラム&プロジェクトマネジメント
Program/project management and communication design for communities such as medical/health care, education or local resource utilization


元・米国3M社Advanced Product Development Specialist。専門分野:ブロードバンド社会の先端コミュニケーションシステムの開発とマーケット創出。グローバル企業開発技術者として海外で豊富なプロジェクトマネジメント経験。製品の市場導入、売り上げ貢献で受賞多数。PMP (Project Management Professional)。PMI (Project Management Institute) 日本支部 研究担当理事。KPRI (慶應フォトニクス・リサーチ・インスティテュート) 副所長。2014年博士(システムデザイン・マネジメント学)学位取得。

Tetsuya Toma obtained a master's degree in Applied Chemistry in 1988 and worked for 3M both in Japan and USA for 20 years.  Before he joined Keio University in April 2008, he was an advanced product development specialist. He developed various new products for electronics markets and successfully introduced them to the global market. Known for his wide experience and flexible project management skills, he has won several company awards.


  • "New Graded-Index Optical Materials from Anionic Polymerization and Diffused Copolymerization, and Optical Devices Based Thereon," Yasuji Otsuka, Yasuhiro Koike, Tetsuya Toma, Takayuki Osawa, 37 Annual Meeting of The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (1988)
  • "Is Telemedicine Possible in Developing Countries? Focusing on Medical Information Systems in India," Jitsuzo Katsumata, Tetsuya Toma, Tetsuro Ogi, Academic Conference of the Japan Telemedicine and Telecare Association (2009)
  • "Evaluation of Systems Development Approach Using a Combination of OPM and Scorecarding," Akira Oka, Tetsuya Toma, 5th National Conference of the Information Systems Society of Japan (2009)
  • T. Toma, H. Asada, T. Ogi, and Y. Koike, "High-Speed Optical Home Network Using Graded Index Plastic Optical Fibers for a Smart House," ACSIJ Advances in Computer Science: an International Journal, Vol.2 (5), pp.141-149, (2013)
  • 当麻哲哉、鈴木創史、戸倉一、稲葉義方、小木哲朗、小池康博、「遠隔診 療における4K超高精細映像の有効性評価~皮膚科診療への適用の可能性~」、 日本遠隔医療学会雑誌、Vol.9 (2), pp.66-73, (2013)
  • 当麻哲哉、瀧塚博志、鳥飼俊敬、鈴木等、小木哲朗、小池康博、「ボール ペン技術による家庭用高精細映像光伝送システム開発 ―安価で簡易な光接続 を可能とするボールペン型光インターコネクトの提案―」、シンセシオロ ジー、Vol.7(2), pp.118-128, (2014)


  • US2007/0279773, Light Directing Film, 2007
  • WO 2005/062082, Brightness Enhancing Film Composition, 2005
  • JP2002-332465A, Thermosetting adhesive composition, 2002
    WO 01/64805, Release Material, Release Material Article, and Process for
  • Producing the Release Material Article, 2001
  • WO 01/14766, Constraint-Type Viscoelastic Dampers, 2001


  • PMP (Project Management Professional)
  • 3M Global Sales and Marketing Professionalism Award 1999
  • 3M Technical Circle of Excellence Team Award 1998, 1999
  • 3M Annual Event Communication Excellence Award 1998
  • 3M ASUKA Funding Program Winner
  • 3M Pathfinder Award 2000
  • 3M Golden Step Award 2005, 2006 (4 awards)


  • Project Management Institute
  • Project Management Association of Japan
  • Society for Information Display
  • 情報処理学会
  • 情報システム学会
  • 日本遠隔医療学会


  • Committee Member, International Cooperative of Plastic Optical Fibers
  • Local Steering Committee Vice Chair, POF2010
  • Director for Education, Project Management Institution Japan Chapter(PMI日本支部 研究担当理事)
  • Sub-Theme Leader, Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology "Creation of Face-to-Face Communication Industry by Ultra High-Speed Plastic Optical Fiber and Photonics Polymers for High-Resolution and Large-Size Display", Cabinet Office(内閣府最先端研究開発支援プログラム事業「世界最速プラスチック光ファイバーと高精細・大画面ディスプレイのためのフォトニクスポリマーが築くFace-to-Faceコミュニケーション産業の創出」サブテーマリーダー)
  • Deputy Director, Keio Photonics Research Institute(慶應義塾大学フォトニクス・リサーチ・インスティテュート副所長)


  • Harvard Business Review, November 2009
  • Bizteria Vol.22(April 2009)


  • コミュニケーションデザインラボ
  • 地域資源利活用ラボ
  • VSEセンター