Outgoing Students

Keio SDM master's students can apply for an exchange program either to take courses (with or without credit) or work on research with a professor at a partner university. Keio SDM doctoral students can apply for an exchange program to work on research with a professor at a partner university.
Selection among applicants is made based on academic records, English level and supervising professors' recommendation. Students are required to show their study plans in interviews.
Non-credit English training classes are required for students who need rapid progress in English.
Application schedule, procedures and documents are announced from SDM Office.

Information for studying abroad

Various study abroad programs offered by Keio University is available for Keio SDM students.

Japan Student Services Organization provides financial aid for study abroad.

To promote better understanding of different cultures and international relations, the International Center offers various classes taught in English. These International Studies Courses/Japanese Studies Courses are offered to full-time undergraduates (except freshmen), graduate students, research students, Japanese Language Program students and short-term international students.

The Japanese studies courses aim to look at all aspects of Japan, such as its society, economy, business, politics, history, literature, art, ideology, religion, etc.
The international studies courses focus on area studies covering Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa; global business/economy; global community; and cross-cultural studies.

Voices from exchange students

Tomomi Nonaka, center

Tomomi Nonaka
2009 Exchange Student
TU Delft, the Netherlands

I was part of the Energy & Industry Group in the Faculty of TPM at Delft University of Technology, where I continued to work on my masters' research. It was a very cosmopolitan environment, with exchange students accounting for about 60% of the total. My days were filled with discussions with other members handling energy issues, and they produced a series of discoveries and insights that broadened my perspectives. I will always treasure the acquaintances I made with teachers, students and friends inside and outside the university. There were many surprises just in ordinary, day-to-day life. I learned that the systems and customs we take for granted in Japan may be completely different in other parts of the world. I was taught much by my friends' values and views on life. I would like to express my deep gratitude to SDM for giving me this opportunity, and I recommend that students coming up take advantage of this excellent exchange program.

Tadashi Karai

Tadashi Karai
2009 Exchange Student
TU Delft, the Netherlands

I studied a bit about the Netherlands before the trip. Terms of size, it's roughly equivalent to Kyushu, with a population about 13% of Japan's, but per capita GDP 1.35 fold Japan's. I was very interested to see what kind of lifestyle and what kind of thinking would produce this. What I found was an atmosphere that was in touch with cultures and information around the world. On the streets, people not only from the EU, but from Africa and Asia, and indeed from everywhere in the world, live together naturally. That provides the setting in which students study and discuss, and I was impressed by the flexibility that allowed them to accept the cultures and thinking of other countries. There are some issues too, like the dilution of cultural identity, but I felt like this was one answer to the problems confronting Japan.


Sun Hongmei, left

Sun Hongmei
2009 Exchange Student
TU Delft, the Netherlands

I was an exchange student at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands from September 2009 to January 2010. It was thrilling; I can still remember the beautiful scenery, splendid university and kind people. For 5 months, I used English to listen to classes, conduct group works, write reports, make presentations and go about my life. Before going, I could barely speak English, but I feel like I can now use it in all of its facets: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I gained new confidence in my abilities by starting a workshop and by enrolling in, passing and receiving credits for six subjects. I think I'm now better able to be active on an international stage. I want to thank SDM for giving me the opportunity to study abroad. I hope that I can serve as a bridge between it and the Faculty of TPM at Delft University of Technology, and that I can become a person that both schools can be proud of.