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Event SDM Online Talk
Date & Time Sep.27, 2021, 6:00 pm - (JST)
Speaker Dr. Plamen Akaliyski, Visiting Researcher of SDM Akaliyski.jpg
Dr. Plamen Akaliyski is a young sociologist with a PhD from the University of Oslo, who is conducting an international comparative study of social values. Values are the source of behavior in areas such as individual lifestyles, organizational practices, environmental behavior, and international politics. By conducting comparative analysis of countries and time series, we can examine points of consensus and future directions. Recently, he has also been analyzing the impacts of the COVID19 on social values. Please join this talk event.
Title In Search of Nations' Cultural Design: Predictors, Consequences, East-West Differences, and Pandemic's Impact
Abstract The presentation walks through the following seven studies related to societal culture I have been working on during my visiting term at SDM. The first study clarifies and justifies the very concept of national culture - how we understand it and measure it. The second study compares the conceptions of freedom in East Asian and Western cultures and how the differences matter for these societies' wellbeing and development. The third paper explains the puzzling differences in obesity prevalence across nations around the world using two cultural dimensions. Papers four to six explore the cultural and (geo-)political transformations of Europe since the end of the Cold War and the role supranational identity plays in these developments. The last paper investigates the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on Japanese people's cultural values.
  • Akaliyski, P., Welzel, C., Bond, M. H., and Minkov, M. (2021). On "Nationology": The Gravitational Field of National Culture. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Akaliyski, P. Distinct Conceptions of Freedom in East Asia and the West Carve Their Unique Pathways to Modernity. Under review.
  • Akaliyski, P., Minkov, M. Li, J., Bond, M. H., and Gehrig, S. New Evidence on the Link between National Culture and Obesity: A Global Study of 50 Countries. Under review.
  • Akaliyski, P., Welzel, C., and Hien, J. (2021). A Community of Shared Values? Dimensions and Dynamics of Cultural Integration in the European Union. Journal of European Integration.
  • Van Houwelingen, P., Akaliyski, P., Iedema, J., and Dekker, P. (2021). Convergence or divergence? A multilevel analysis of political values in 18 EU countries 1990-2017. Comparative European Politics. 19(4), 452-470.
  • Akaliyski, P. and Welzel, C. (2020). Clashing Values: Supranational Identities, Geopolitical Rivalry and Europe's Growing Cultural Divide. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 51(9), 740-762.
  • Akaliyski, P., Taniguchi, N., Park, J., and Gehrig, S. The COVID-19 Pandemic Inflicts Lasting Changes in Social Values in Japan. In Preparation.
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