A New Grant Program for Topmost Applicants

Keio Graduate School of System Design and Management (Keio SDM) is excited to announce that beginning Academic Year 2016 a new financial grant program, "Encouragement of Research Scholarship (ERS) *" is launched to be awarded to a select few entrants. The ERS expects the grantees to pay back no money.

The grantees must be post-graduate, fresh out of college. They must be the ones who are the topmost achievers in the entrance selection process and are to have been enrolled in the school and not to be employed at the subsequent point of June 1st.

They must also be: 1) strongly self-motivated to be aiming high in their respective conduct of research; 2) ones who are expected to produce academic results of high calibre; and 3) fit both mentally and physically to face up to rigorous academic challenges.

Based on the aforementioned criteria Keio SDM chooses the grantees from among the applicants that have successfully passed the entrance selection process and let them know the results in advance to their enrolment.

The ERS, a campus-wide new initiative across the Keio community, aims at inviting high achievers more to the Keio graduate schools and encouraging them to break new ground in their research projects.

It is to be hoped that in future leading academics and researchers emerge from among the grantees to be contributing more to the deepening of knowledge world-wide, and that as a result the entire Keio community enhances its foundation as a cradle of human talent.


* The name, 研究のすゝめ奨学金 in Japanese, echoes "An Encouragement of Learning, (学問のすゝめ)," the title of the book that was among the bestselling ones FUKUZAWA Yukichi wrote.